We Have  A Place For You!

The HUB Community Center (1)


You are cordially invited to hold your next party or special event at The HUB Community Center. 

  We promise to provide you an affordable and comfortable venue. 

 Along with room rentals we offer exercise classes, music lessons, social service events,

 and community outreach opportunities.  

The HUB is The Meeting Place For ALL Occasions


3676 Community Lane

Copley, Ohio  44321

(off S. Cleve-Mass Rd.)





The HUB Community Center Rental Information

3676 Community Lane  Copley, Ohio  44321     330.576.6608

How Do I


Rent A Facility

You want a place for your event.  We offer you one or more of our elegant rooms.  You

                     pay a cost-friendly fee.  We give you forms. You sign them.  Enjoy!


Rental Information

We offer a variety of rooms to rent for meetings, parties, and other activities:

  • Tables and chairs are available for use with all rentals at no additional cost;  Round tables are 60" and seat 5 people (we have           enough seating for 40 at round tables) & rectangular tables are 6 ft. long and seat 6 people

  • The renter is responsible for all setup, take down, and cleanup of the room/rooms; UNLESS the Janitorial Fee ($150) is paid with         the rental.  (SEE BELOW)

  • Alcohol is not permitted on the premises;

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the facility.  If a guest would like to smoke, it must be done near the smoking receptacle away from     the front entrance     (outside).

  • Absolutely no tape or other adhesives may be used on the walls.  Decorations may be placed on tables or on floors.

Steps for Renting a Room

  1. Determine plans regarding:

  • What type event you are having?

  • What date do you want to have the event?

  • What time do you want to have the event?

  • (All rentals must be contracted and paid in full at least two weeks in advance).


    2.   Call or email the Marketing & Events Coordinator.  Coordinator will let you know if

            space is available and the cost of the rental.  Cost will vary according to the day of event,

            services requested, etc.

    3.     If space is available, complete the Facility Rental Form (PDF document found on the website).


    4.     Return the Facility Rental Form, Copy of Driver’s License, and Payment in Full to The HUB Community Center.  

            Payment and paperwork may be mailed or dropped off in the lockbox located near the front door of the facility.

    5.     You will be notified by email within 2 business days of receipt of rental materials regarding

            the status of your reservation request.

    6.     Please note: There will be a $50 fee for all checks that do not clear the bank.


    7.     No refunds are given for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the date of the event.

Room                            Capacity / Square Footage                         Ideal For:

Main Hall                        20 - 100 People:  1400 sf                            Large parties, Meetings, Showers, Corporate events, Receptions,

*Kitchen                          Varies:                   200 sf                            *Required if food is being served

Cafe                               15 People:             275  sf                            Smaller meetings and events

Studio                            20 People:              340 sf                             Smaller parties, Showers, Meetings, 

Lounge                           20 People:              390 sf                            Teen activities, Birthday parties, Showers

*KidZone                          25 Children:          500 sf                           *FREE play room w/rental of any other room

Conference Room            10 People:            245 sf                            Meetings, Lectures, Interviews

All rooms must be rented for the same amount of time.

  1. The Kitchen must be rented if food is being served.

  2. There is a 4 hour minimum rental on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  3. Janitorial Services Fee ($150.00) includes:  Setup, Takedown, and Cleanup (may be waived).

  4. The entire facility may be rented for up to 8 hours (Monday-Saturday) and up to 6 hours on Sunday.  The cost is $500.00.

  5. Rentals must end by 10 pm on Monday through Saturday and by 8 pm on Sunday.


Rental of Facility for Entire Day   

$500 plus $150 for Janitorial services, if applicable. 

 Note:  an entire day, when available, is not to exceed 8 hours total (6 hours on Sunday) and must end no later than 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and 8 pm on Sunday.


Monday through Saturday rentals  rentals must end by 10 pm.  Sunday rentals must end by 8 pm.  The host is to walk out the door with you.

There is a (4) hour  minimum  rental period on  Fri., Sat. and Sun.

All rooms selected are to be rented for the same number of hours.


Main Hall   - $25 hr. 

*Kitchen    - $10 hr.   (Prep table, Refrigerator/Freezer, Coffee Maker,  Sink, Stove, & Microwave) - Must be rented if food is being                                                                                                                                                                   served.

Café          - $10 hr.

Studio -        $10 hr.

Lounge      - $10 hr.

*KidZone - FREE - for children ages 6 and under - *Adult Supervision Required at all times 

Conference Room - $10 hr.  (Large table and 10 leather chairs)

*Janitorial Services Fee - $150.00 -   (Includes:  set up of table and chairs for you, tear down of event, and all cleaning 

                                                                              after the event.)                          

(May Be Waived - if you choose to do the services listed above)

3676 Community Lane (off S. Cleve-Mass Rd.)  Copley, Ohio  44333

Please note:  We are 1000 feet from the main road.  
Turn on to Community Lane and follow the long driveway.


Copley Community Chorus -  Accepting New Members!


New!  Golden Zumba Classes at The HUB

New! Golden Zumba Classes at The HUB Community Center

Trainer Nikki Hazen will show you a variety of moves that will have you burning calories and breaking a sweat! You can customize this class to make it as challenging or as easy as you need it to be. Move to motivating music, meet great people, and have lots of fun. 

Why watch a video when you can work out with friends? The hour goes by so quickly! Try the first class - FREE then pay only $5 per class. Nikki also offers an unlimited monthly package at a wonderful price!

Classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:45 am - 11:45 am.

The HUB Community Center is located at 3676 Community Lane in Copley. 

Call 330-576-6608 for more details.

Insanity Live!  Classes are back in session at The HUB!
Join Instructor Morgan Webb for a heart pounding, hard core workout!

Copley Heritage Day 2016

July 25th  - Red Cross Blood Drive Update

We collected 15 pints of blood, which will help impact the lives of up to 45 patients in need.  Please spread the word and our sincere thanks for supporting us during this time of critical need!! 

Our next drive will be on Monday, September 26, 2016 from 2 pm - 7 pm.

Meet the Team at The HUB Community Center

For more pictures from the Fundraiser, please click on the Photo Gallery Tab above.



Thank you so much for your generosity!

We had over 200 people attend the event and over $3000.00 was raised to help the Wilson Family.

Per Wendy Wilson:
We are humble and grateful.  Our regular income will be used to continue paying mortgage payments, electricity, gas, etc... to keep our bills current at home.

These funds will be used for gas back and forth to Michigan over the next several months. Right now, we have 5 trips scheduled for March, April and May. It will also pay for our food during those trips as well as food during the time after her surgery in May. We are hoping for a 3-4 week stay, but Mia will tell us when she is ready to come home after this next open heart surgery. In addition, the money will pay for the donation to the Ronald McDonald House while we are living there during May-June. Lastly, it will help to defray any costs not covered by insurance.