MTEC - Music Therapy Enrichment Classes, Inc.

Look for music classes and lessons at The HUB Community in Copley when the facility reopens.  Until then, Music Therapy Enrichment Center, Inc. is now offering music and fun at home through virtual camps and classes. For more information visit or contact Tara Murdock, MT-BC, Music Class Coordinator at 440.250.0091.


Tai Chi

at The HUB Community Center

Moving to Mondays and Wednesdays Beginning August 6, 2018

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The HUB Community Center is located at 3676 Community Lane

Copley, OH. 44321 (off S. Cleveland-Massillon Road)

330- 576-6608

Improve balance, Overcome stress, Learn self-defense applications.

Avoid looking awkward in front of others while you learn!

Only $7 per class – drop in once or twice a week – whatever fits your schedule!

Bring a friend and encourage each other as you travel along a new road to health and fitness.

Learn about special Friday classes and Quick Start Sessions by signing up 

for The HUB Community Center e-newsletter at 330-576-6608 

or visit for upcoming events.

For more information about the class contact instructor Jim Babka: 330-612-1389.

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